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Listen Again to the 28th October Show featuring Broken Banjo

Liam from Broken Banjo by Phil Dillon

This week we were visited by Liam and Barry of Broken Banjo (drummer Mike couldn’t make it because of a wind related problem) who came in to chat, share tracks from their new E.P. and play live. Add to that a bunch of eclectic music and Fizzer’s twinkly radio magic and you’ve got a couple of hours of sensational listening. Not ‘arf!

Lupen Crook – Treasons To Be Beautiful
Hymmel – She Didn’t Tell Us She Had A Hatchet
Archie Wah Wahs – Damocles
Love Spuds – Cabaret
The State Addiction – Fainting / Breathing
Philtrum – National
Chas & Dave – Gertcha
Objectors – Cold Outside
Houdini – When I Kill In My Sleep
Bear vs Manero – Budd
The Velvet Underground – Rock & Roll
Radiohead – Planet Telex
The Velvet Underground – Sweet Jane
Broken Banjo – Pokemon Centre Theme (live)
Broken Banjo – Tom’s Birthday Song
Broken Banjo – Raise Your Flag and Make Your Children Dumb (live)
Espers – I Can’t See Clear
Broken Banjo – African Child (live)
Black Circles – Escape
Broken Banjo – Black Hell Dog
Apes, Pigs & Spacemen – Monster
The 27’s – Pretty Pointless
The Doors – Love Me Two Times
Snuff – Martin
Polka Party – Serbian Tennis
UpCDownC – Scott Jason Smith

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Listen Again to the 26th November Show: Allan Crockford Interviewed

Fizzer Rippon and Allan Crockford: Separated at birth? Photo by Marf Salvador

On this week’s show we were joined by local treasure/legend Allan Crockford of The Galileo 7, who popped in to chat and share some of his favourite music with us. We couldn’t find him a pouffe but we did manage to make him a cup of tea. Other than that, Marf and Phil playlisted some cracking music, Grace sent us a missive from beyond the delta and Fizzer was his usual self, bless him.

Playlist to follow…

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Listen Again to the 5th November Show > The Singing Loins LIVE!

Monday 5th November saw the introduction of our new producer Phil and the return of former co-presenter Grace as our roving reporter. We were joined in the studio by the Singing Loins who popped in for a chat and to play some of the songs from their new longplayer ‘Here On Earth’.  Don’t worry if you missed it – you can listen again right here!


Iris – Lie for Me
Black Circles – Little Girl
Honey Ride Me A Goat – Beany
Ted Dibiase and the Million Dollar Punk Band – Is That A Stick Of Dynamite In Your Pocket … ?
Bob Mould – The Descent
27s – Go Away
The Objectors – Cold Last Night
Jonah Matranga – Sweet Life
Lupen Crook – My Mistaken Angel
The Smiths – The Headmaster Ritual
Eskimo Chase – Little Miss Too Good
Hymmel – And She Didn’t Tell Me She Had A Hatchet
Broken Banjo – Mosquito
Pity Party – The Grudge
Delta Sleep – I (Heart) Savlon
Singing Loins – Hello Heaven / Happy me up
Galileo 7 – Hiding From The Sun
Es Muss Sein – Sail
Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
Chairs Missing – Rainy Wednesday
Arrows of Love – Honey
Big Star – Life is White
Theatre Royal – High Tide and Spring Time

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Listen Again to the 29th October Show > Lupen Crook Live!

This Monday saw Lupen Crook join us for a chat and to play songs from his new album British Folk Tales. You can listen again right here. Enjoy!


27s – Pretty Pointless
Balance Lost – The Shoulder Peeker
Bear vs Manero – Further
Billy Bones – Tap Tap Tap
Call Me Malcolm – Does My Offbeat Look Big In This?
Crybaby Special – No Excuses
Dirty Vibes – Black Habit
Floors & Walls – Boracic Man
Frau Pouch – Mittens
Furry Love Lickers – Hollow
Houdini – When I Kill in My Sleep
Jouis – Who Shot The Monkey?
Niltones – Circadian Rhythm
Petburger – The Chase
Pity Party – Behold The Ravages Of Age
Rokoko – My Fellow Swordsman
Rupert Eagleowl – Rupert’s Big Entrance / EagleOwl Is Performing
Suzi Chunk – Tripwire
The Baron Von Marlon – Brighton to Byron Bay
The Boot Lagoon – An Odd Owl
The Lovespuds – Some song Fizzer has on his iPod!
The Sans Pareil – Vanishing Point
The Singing Loins – Song For The Underdog
UpCDownC – Scott Jason Smith
Ye Wiles – Leisurewear

Photos © Marf Salvador, All Rights Reserved

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