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Listen Again to the 17th February Show with The Parade

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We were joined in the studio last night by Jem & Mosh from The Parade, and they were all over us like a nun sandwich – selecting songs for the playlist, sharing their new single ‘Belle Of The Ball’ and playing live on air. You can listen again here…


Punching Swans – Body Salad
Broken Banjo – Le Barry
Balance Lost – You’re Conducting Electricity
De La Soul – Ring Ring Ring …
The Galileo 7 – Can’t Get Away From Myself
The Love Family – Somewhere Waiting
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – Mindspikes
The Parade – Belle Of The Ball
Wolfgang Riot – Wasteful
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Jubilee Street
Eels – The Look You Give That Guy
The Parade – Make Up Baby
Magazine – The Light Pours Out Of Me
The National – Karen
The Postal Service – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
Pulp – Sorted For Es & Whizz
Phill Vidler – Homesick
P J Harvey – Let England Shake
The Smiths – Girlfriend In A Coma
The Chaundeliers – Dirty Cash
The Buzzcocks – Why Can’t I Touch It?
Aerosmith – Love In An Elevator
Broderick & Barnes – Radio

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Listen Again to the 20th January Show with DROPTHIS


This week, we were joined in the studio by DROPTHIS, an energetic and punky lot who don’t take themselves (or indeed anything) terribly seriously (see photo above). They chatted and played, were often inappropriate, and gave the show it’s first ever Sugababes cover. What more could you want? You can listen again here…


Broken Banjo – Raise Your Flag and Make Your Children Dumb
Bear vs Manero – Thor’s Super Sweet Sixteen Party
Groovy Uncle ft. Suzi Chunk – Brand New Badge
The Singing Loins – Ascending Chatham Hill
Cher – Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves
Vlks – Day Of Bees
Nick Drake – Cello Song
Cat Power – New York
The Objectors – Storm In A Tea Cup
Houdini – Into The Woods
Lambchop – You Masculine You
Jacob Golden – Jesus Angelina
Dropthis – From Bognor With Love
Reavsey – All I Want Is You
Dropthis – Fameandshitarefourletterwords
The Shagmonroes – King Of Bradford
Dropthis – Exploit Me
Frau Pouch – Space Chicken
Dropthis – About You Now
The A-Lines – More Wax Please
DarkTrain – Be Mine, Or Seven
Crybaby Special – Lay Down With Me
Wilco – I’m The Man Who Loves You
Guns & Roses – Perfect Crime
Stiltskin – Inside
The Dentists – Peppermint Dreams
The Claim – Gullible’s Travels
Theatre Royal – What Was That Sound?
The Parade – Russian Dolls
Survivors Of Suki – Sing

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Listen Again to the 21st October Show featuring Groovy Uncle


This week featured a specially recorded (in some pubs) interview with Medway tunesmith Glenn Prangnell, a.k.a. Groovy Uncle, who chatted to producer Phil about One Vowel Away From The Truth, his new album with the incomparable Suzi Chunk. Check it.


Theatre Royal – The Story of My life
The Muswells – Thunderbolt Pier
Ted Dibiase & The Million Dollar Punk Band – Is That A Stick Of Dynamite In Your Pocket…
Seven Day Conspiracy – You Can’t Dodge A Bullet When It’s Got Your Name On It
Battleska galactica – Feste Di Carne pt.II
Ben Jones & The Rifle Volunteers – Shangri-La
Jouis – Who Shot The Monkey?
The Stooges – 1969
The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make?
Balance Lost – Spider To The Fly
David Bowie – Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
The Claim – Between Heaven & Woolworths
Bear vs Manero – Budd
Groovy Uncle ft. Suzi Chunk – When I Saw Love
Groovy Uncle ft. Suzi Chunk – I Know Where The Sun Shines
Groovy Uncle ft. Suzi Chunk – November
Jose Gonzales – Teardrop
Cocteau Twins – Kookaburra
Lupen Crook – The Whole Of The Moon
Swampstomper – Pick Yourself Up
Mourning Birds – The Last Thing I Need
Julian Casablancas – Eleventh Dimension
Donna Summer – I Feel Love
Dudley Moore – Love Me
Dudley Moore & Peter Cook – Bedazzled

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Listen Again to the 30th September Show featuring UpCDownC


This week we were joined in the studio by UpCDownC who popped in to chat and share three brand new songs from their forthcoming album “The Black Sea”, plus we had a killer playlist including all sorts of brand new Medway material and some other stuff. Enjoy!


Broken Banjo – African Child
The Galileo 7 – The Sandman Turns Away
Wolfgang Riot – Wasteful
Frau Pouch – Idiocracy
The Love Family – Magic Is Real
Matthew Sweet – Sick Of Myself
Minutemen – Jesus & Tequila
UpCDownC – Red Meat
UpCDownC – The Black Sea
UpCDownC – The Dolce Vita
Dungen – Satt Att Se
Public Service Broadcasting – Spitfire
Lupen Crook – POV
The James Worse Public Address Method – Totterplomb
Bear vs Manero – Flouride Frustration Face
Groovy Uncle ft. Suzi Chunk – When I Saw Love
The Vandebilts – Looking Through Your Window
Mr Bridger – Had Me Where You Want Me
Scott Walker – The Seventh Seal
First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar
Broderick & Barnes – Radio
Ziegler Co – Old Friend
The A-Lines – You Can Touch
That Massive Bereavement – Snatch
My Morning Jacket – What A Wonderful Man
Electron Forest – Mesa
Natalie Evans – Headcase

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Listen Again to the 19th August Show with Swampstomper and Sirens and Shelter

filtered_scott mics
Scott Mallard (Sirens & Shelter) with lots of mics. We’ll post a pic of Swampstomper if we can wring it out of Phil’s corrupted SD card :0(

Last Monday we we joined in the studio by Swampstomper and Scott Mallard (Sirens & Shelter) for chat, live music and new recordings. It was jolly busy and we had to be very professional. Luckily we had the last half hour to ourselves and were able to dance around the studio in just our pants. Must remember to close the blinds now that we’re back on the ground floor though.

Here it is…


Ascoyne D’Ascoynes – Just The Biggest Thing
Philtrum – Caught Inside
Balance Lost – Airship Revival
Reavsey – All I Want Is You
The Flowing – Garden Of England
The Raw Herbs – She’s A Nurse But She’s All Right
Frau Pouch – Space Chicken
Swampstomper – Pick Yourself Up
Swampstomper – Subtract And Divide
Swampstomper – Too Tall For Tommy
The Objectors – Cold Last Night
Goat – Let It Bleed
Orange Juice – Falling And Laughing
Kate Bush – Sat In Your Lap
Sirens & Shelter – Breathe
Sirens & Shelter – Landing Lights
Suzi Chunk – Tripwire
Sirens & Shelter – Nineties Song
The Zombies – Care Of Cell 44
M Ward – Let’s Dance
Darryl Hartley – Your Star Implodes
The Buff Medways – Archive From 1959
Girls At Our Best – Getting Nowhere Fast
Houdini – Into The Woods
Lupen Crook – Crumb Trails
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – She Does It Right
P J Harvey ft. Thom Yorke – This Mess We’re In

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Listen Again to the 8th April Show: Czechmate LIVE!


We were joined in the studio this Monday by Sittingbourne band Czechmate. It was their second radio slot of the day, and their second radio slot ever. They turned out to be decent chaps with sensible politics, and we recommend their new EP ‘Pipe Bombs’. You can listen again here…


Robert Wyatt – Shipbulding
Sonic Youth – Drunken Butterfly
Broken Banjo – Gaffer Tape
Reavsey – All I Want Is You
The Auteurs – Lenny Valentino
Big Star – September Gurls
Richard harris – MacArthur Park
Ron Sexsmith – Lebanon Tenessee
The Pretty Things – Trust
UpcDownc – La Dolce Vita
Pity Party – The Grudge
Theatre Royal Three Ships (Disappear Here)
Sweet Baboo – If I Died
Crybaby Special & The Monsters – Murder In The Wall
The Buff Medways – Archive From 1959
Elliott Smith – Ballad of Big Nothing
Wave Pictures – Just Like A Drummer
Czechmate – Tonight
One Eleven Edmund – Rita Matthews
Czechmate – Ties & Lies
Rokoko – Miss Smith
Czechmate – With Me
The Ambience – Will The Stars Align
The Lovedays – House of Cards
Billy Bragg – Between The wars
Elvis Costello – Tramp The Dirt Down
Balance Lost – Peanut Shells
The Bevis Frond – High In A Flat

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Listen Again to the 25th March show with Joe Magee LIVE!

Joe Magee

At least five exclusives/radio premieres last night. Thank you to all the bands and artists who share their sparkly treasures with us first. Feeling good was good enough for me, last night. Good enough for me and my Joe Magee. And I take back everything I’ve ever said about the Beatles. I realise how fab and gear they were now, and how I couldn’t do any of this without Marf and Phil who are brilliant and handsome.

Fizzer x


Houdini – Your Dog Is Not A Horse
Philtrum – The Moment
Crybaby Special & The Monsters – Stray Cat Strut
Bob Mould – The Descent
Steve Earle – Transcendental Blues
The Love Family – Stay Connected

A Dedication

Natalie Evans – Gymnastics
Sandie Shaw – Oh Gosh
Bjork – Army Of Me
Japan -Automatic Gun
Vlks – Motown Funeral
Nova Mob – Space Jazz
Public Service Broadcasting – New Dimensions In Sound
The Smiths – Nowhere Fast
Theatre Royal – Three Ships (Disappear Here)
Joe Magee -Come Back Over The Ocean
James Blake – Limit To Your Love
Joe Magee – Friend In You
The Velvet Underground – I Can’t Stand It
Joe Magee – Under My Skin
The Ambience – Like A Blast Of Cold Air
The Treasures Of Mexico – Stars
Rokoko – Laying Down The Law
I Am Kloot – Ferris Wheels
Groovy Uncle – It Wasn’t What I Asked For
UpCDownC – Agent Cooper
Spinal Tap – Stonehenge
The Roulettes – Bad Time

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