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Listen Again to the 5th August Show > Oliver from Theatre Royal interviews The Dentists

dentists + ollie

Last Monday we were joined in our shiny new studio by three quarters of the legendary Dentists, whose 1985 debut album Some People Are On The Pitch They Think Its All Over It Is Now has been gloriously remastered and reissued on vinyl by Trouble In Mind Records. We invited Theatre Royal’s front man Oliver Burgess to come and interview Bob, Ian and Mark and play a few tracks from the album, and that’s what he did. You can listen again here…


Crow Lane – Garden of Stone
Pond – Fantastic Explosion of Time
The Love Family – A Soundtrack
The Osmonds – Crazy Horses
Built To Spill – Car
Public Service Broadcasting – Night Mail
The Flying Isaacs – Julia
Lupen Crook – Crumb Trails
Rosemary’s Children – Visiting A House
The Flowing – Roses
Ben Jones & The Rifle Volunteers – Shangri-La
Theatre Royal – Here It Comes
The Dentists – I’m Not The Devil
The Dentists – The Little Engineers’ Set
The Dentists – I Had An Excellent Dream
The Dentists – Tangerine
Frost – Math Wolf
Pity Party – Surreal Estate
The Furry Love Lickers – Tantacles
The Flaming Lips – Kim’s WateBmelon Gun
Crybaby Special – One Winged bird

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Listen Again to the May 27th Show…


Tonight’s show was co-produced by Producer Phil and Mr Eustace P Peevely of the Wonderland Zoo. We hope you dug it :0)


Theatre Royal – Katharine’s Sleeping
The Galileo 7 – Anne Hedonia
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – I Spent My Last Fifty Pence On The Taxi Here
The Clash – London Calling
Calexico – The Guns Of Brixton
Frau Pouch – Sexy Architecture
The Fall – The War Against Intelligence
Houdini – When I Kill In My Sleep
Natalie Evans – Library Days
Marine Girls – Lazy Ways
Josh Rouse – Flight Attendant
Philtrum – Caught Inside
Bob Mould – Angels Rearrange
Lupen Crook – My Mistaken Angel
Bright Eyes – We Are Nowhere (And It’s Now)
King Crimson – Frame By Frame

Crybaby Special – One Winged Bird
Broken Banjo – Le Barry
Walking Blues – Robert Johnson
Wolfgang Riot – It Isn’t Much
Theme from “The Hair Bear Bunch”
Percy “Thrills” Thrillington – Ram On
Dave Depper – Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
X-Ray Specs – Germ Free Adolescent
Adam & The Ants – Antmusic
Burn Paper Tigers – Maid In Old Town
Lambchop – Paperback Bible
Punching Swans – Math Problems
Bear Vs Manero – The Tale of the Chameleon and the Malcomtent Cockroach
Wildfowl – The Long Road Home
The Monkees – Writing Wrongs
The Bresslaws – (I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone
The Objectors – Cold Outside
Dean Friedman – Lucky Stars

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Listen Again to the 20th May Show with Kids Unique

KU Collage

On Monday we were visited by Adam and Dan from Kids Unique, who popped in to chat about their music, soca, owls and all sorts of other things. Very entertaining it was too. So entertaining, in fact, that Fizzer disappeared off up that London to see the band at the Proud Gallery and didn’t come home for days. When he did, he was muttering “wide on” over and over again, and we had to prise the recording of Monday’s show from his clammy fingers, hence the relative lateness of this post.

Here’s the show. Enjoy!


The Lovedays – House Of Cards
Maker – Soaked Up
The Dentists – She Dazzled Me With Basil
The Died Pretty – Out Of The Unknown
Echo & The Bunnymen – Do It Clean
The Ambience – Like A Blast Of Cold Air
Gravenhurst – Only A Northern Song
Atoms For Peace – Judge, Jury and Executioner
Wheatus – A Little Respect
The Flowing – Irene
Tape Error – Weightlessness Is Useless
Jesse Malin – Queen Of The Underworld
The Parade – A Night Like This
Bear Vs Manero – Now Is Not The Time For Impressions, Rory Bremner.
Bob Constant & The Goodbye Horses – I’m Sorry To Hear You Got Married
Mastership – Starship Commander Woo Woo
Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 – A Man’s Gotta Know His Limitations, Briggs
Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland 1945
Kids Unique – Point Counterpoint
Nine Black Alps – Living In A Dream
Kids Unique – Owls
Houdini – Deadlines
Ryan Adams – Shallow
The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band – Equestrian Statue

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Listen Again to the 28th January Show > Phoenix Down Live!

Phoenix Down Mono

Monday’s show saw a visit from Phoenix Down, who entertained us with lively banter and live music. You can listen again here >

And you can watch them performing Song For Sorrow here >


Frau Pouch – Brain Dance
Sultans Of Ping FC – Where’s Me Jumper?
The Flowing – Atlantis
Easy Star All-Stars – Paranoid Android
The Objectors – Cold Outside
Ben Jones – Music Inside
Robyn Hitchcock – 1974
The Claim – Between Heaven & Woolworths
The Muswells – Thunderbolt Pier
Natalie Evans – Headcase
Lupen Crook – Where The Crow Flies
Jacob Golden – Jesus Angelina
Archie Wah Wahs – Stale Bread & Lumpy Milk
The Waterboys – Everybody Takes A Tumble
Phoenix Down – Role Model
Unlucky Fried Kitten – This Is England
Phoenix Down – Song For Sorrow
Didi Bergman – About The Outskirts
Phoenix Down – Gravity Versus Pressure
Stuart Turner – The Primark Riots
Tape Error – Waste Of Oxygen
Theatre Royal – The Ballad Of Tommy Hall
Vic Godard – Johnny Thunders


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Listen Again to the 14th January Show > Wildfowl LIVE!


Listen again to last night’s show which we enjoyed the company of Wildfowl and learned that Fizzer is not overweight, simply undertall….

… and watch Wildfowl here!


Pity Party – Happy Happy Joy Joy
Pond – You Broke My Cool
Can – Mushroom
Balance Lost – Spider To The Fly
Yo La Tengo – Tom Courtney
My Sick Mind – I Don’t Mean It (Send Me Home)
Bright Eyes – We Are Nowhere And It’s Now
Honey Ride Me A Goat – Spastic Colon
Punching Swans – Burlesque Messiah
Tom Waits – Little Drop Of Poison
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – We No Who U R
The Shagmonroes – Candy Floss Suit
Broken Banjo – One Trick Pony
Love – Willow Willow
Max Greger & His Orchestra – Big Train
Rosemary’s Children – Lighthouse Song
Wildfowl – Long Way Home
The Coasters – Love Potion #9
Elliott Smith – Waltz #2 (XO)
Wildfowl – Ain’t Money Funny
Heel – Fight On
Wildfowl – I Didn’t Fall for You (I Tripped)
Crybaby Special & The Monsters – Murder In The Wall
Singing Loins – Hello Heaven
The Muswells – What’s It Got To Do With You?
Felt – Spanish House
Bombay Bicycle Club – Rinse Me Down
The Transpersonals – Silver Star

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Listen Again to the 17th December Show: Tape Error


Photo by Phil Dillon

Our last show of 2012 featured live music and chat from the excellent Tape Error, a refreshingly different Christmas playlist and the formation of a new house band. Here’s Tape Error performing “1,200 Miles”…


Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name Of
The Pogues (ft. Kirsty MacColl) – Fairytale Of New York
Lupen Crook – The Dead Relative
Flaming Lips – Chistmas At The Zoo
Sufjan Stevens – Put Ther Lights On The Tree
Belle & Sebastian – Mornington Crescent
Josh Rouse – Christmas With Jesus
Fish Tank – Ginny
The Darkness – Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)
Groovy Uncle – I Do Believe (It’s Christmas Eve)
The Baron Von Marlon – Smoke And Mirrors
Philtrum – National
The Million Dollar Punk Band – Is That A Stick Of Dynamite In Your Pocket…?
Suzi Chunk – Wish Away The Moon
Antmonkey – Drink To Friends (It’s Christmas Again)
Bob Dylan – It Must Be Santa
Tank Trap – Bite The Bullet
Tape Error – In The Heart Of This Town
Tape Error – Waste Of Oxygen
Let’s Go Nowhere – Please Steal My Bike
Tape Error – 1,200 Miles
The Flowing – Cm
Big Star – Jesus Christ
Tape Error – Talk On Death
The Beatles – Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
Pity Party – Remember When
Reuben – Christmas Is Awesome
Antmonkey – Get To The Chopper

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Listen Again to the 10th December show: Antmonkey and These Guilty Men



Antmonkey talked about Antfestive and sang, and These Guilty Men talked about how they got together and how best to launder a t-shirt. The playlist was as far out as ever. You can listen again here…


Broken Banjo – Masquito
Sonic Youth – Drunken Butterfly
Battleska Galactica – Bellamy = God
Japan – Rhodesia
Balance Lost – Did It Seem Like I Was Running?
Baron von Marlon – Conrad’s Daily Dose
Antmonkey – Get to the Choppa
Levellers – Truth Is
Antmonkey – Dear God
Big Mama Thornton – Hound Dog
Tom Jones – It’s Not Unusual
Cat Power – Love and Communication
Stuart Turner – Secret Sadness
The Lovedays – Not For The Fainthearted
Theatre Royal – Sit Me Under The Circling Vultures and Lay Me Out To Die
These Guilty Men – It’s Insane
Deerhoof – Super Duper Rescue Heads
Tape Error – Weightlessness Is Useless
The Byrds – This Wheels’ on Fire
The Damned – New Rose
Ye Wiles – Cry Wolf
The Flowing – Roses


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