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Listen Again to the 17th February Show with The Parade

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We were joined in the studio last night by Jem & Mosh from The Parade, and they were all over us like a nun sandwich – selecting songs for the playlist, sharing their new single ‘Belle Of The Ball’ and playing live on air. You can listen again here…


Punching Swans – Body Salad
Broken Banjo – Le Barry
Balance Lost – You’re Conducting Electricity
De La Soul – Ring Ring Ring …
The Galileo 7 – Can’t Get Away From Myself
The Love Family – Somewhere Waiting
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – Mindspikes
The Parade – Belle Of The Ball
Wolfgang Riot – Wasteful
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Jubilee Street
Eels – The Look You Give That Guy
The Parade – Make Up Baby
Magazine – The Light Pours Out Of Me
The National – Karen
The Postal Service – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
Pulp – Sorted For Es & Whizz
Phill Vidler – Homesick
P J Harvey – Let England Shake
The Smiths – Girlfriend In A Coma
The Chaundeliers – Dirty Cash
The Buzzcocks – Why Can’t I Touch It?
Aerosmith – Love In An Elevator
Broderick & Barnes – Radio

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Listen Again to the 3rd February Show with That Massive Bereavement


This week we were joined in the studio by That Massive bereavement, who shared some tracks from their soon to be released and frankly awesome new EP / mini album Sugar For The Masses. Best enjoyed loud*.


Fishtank – Kakapo
Mass Lines – Dogville Bites Back
Punching Swans – OCD
The 27s – Butterfly
Broken Banjo – African Child
Godcone – Theme from Godcone
Crybaby Special – No Excuses
Frau Pouch – Queef of Life
Lupen Crook – Dirty Mile
Stuart Turner – Gunville Girl
That Massive Bereavement – Nine Toed Woman
That Massive Bereavement – Rupert Murdoch
Bear vs Manero – Fluoride Frustration Face
That Massive Bereavement – Bullet
Philtrum – Caught Inside
That Massive Bereavement – Colin Farmer
Cosmic Thoughts – Funeral Songs
That Massive Bereavement – Desolate
Hymmel – Dry Riser
The Specials AKA – Racist Friend
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Greeting Song
The Muswells – Thunderbolt Pier
Half Man Half Biscuit – I left my heart in Papworth General
Balance Lost – Stupid Little Fish

* Serving suggestion

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Listen Again to the 20th January Show with DROPTHIS


This week, we were joined in the studio by DROPTHIS, an energetic and punky lot who don’t take themselves (or indeed anything) terribly seriously (see photo above). They chatted and played, were often inappropriate, and gave the show it’s first ever Sugababes cover. What more could you want? You can listen again here…


Broken Banjo – Raise Your Flag and Make Your Children Dumb
Bear vs Manero – Thor’s Super Sweet Sixteen Party
Groovy Uncle ft. Suzi Chunk – Brand New Badge
The Singing Loins – Ascending Chatham Hill
Cher – Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves
Vlks – Day Of Bees
Nick Drake – Cello Song
Cat Power – New York
The Objectors – Storm In A Tea Cup
Houdini – Into The Woods
Lambchop – You Masculine You
Jacob Golden – Jesus Angelina
Dropthis – From Bognor With Love
Reavsey – All I Want Is You
Dropthis – Fameandshitarefourletterwords
The Shagmonroes – King Of Bradford
Dropthis – Exploit Me
Frau Pouch – Space Chicken
Dropthis – About You Now
The A-Lines – More Wax Please
DarkTrain – Be Mine, Or Seven
Crybaby Special – Lay Down With Me
Wilco – I’m The Man Who Loves You
Guns & Roses – Perfect Crime
Stiltskin – Inside
The Dentists – Peppermint Dreams
The Claim – Gullible’s Travels
Theatre Royal – What Was That Sound?
The Parade – Russian Dolls
Survivors Of Suki – Sing

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Listen Again to the 16th December Show: Radio as it should be ;0)

exotic bavarian dancers

This week saw the full team back together again for the first time in weeks. Who needs guests? Actually, we do, so drop us a line at fizzer.radio@gmail.com if you are a local musician, artist, writer, charity or whatever and you fancy popping in for a chat in 2014.

Anyway, there’s something here for everyone, with debonair wit, fascinating gems of musical trivia and a cracking playlist. Enjoy, because next week we’ll be Christmassing in your ears and faces…


The Flying Isaacs – Pound and a Penny
Ferocious Lopez – Another Time
Tom Waits – Satisfied
Broken Banjo – African Child
The Parade – Russian Dolls
One Day Elliott – Holding On
The Fall – Sir William Wray
Crybaby Special – Lay Down With Me
David Crosby – Cowboy Movie
Electron Forest – meas
Gggn ft. Brmn – Alligators
Foxygen – No Destruction
Archie Wah Wahs – Not In This World
The Flowing – Atlantis
Mercury Rev – Goddess On A Hiway
Wolfgang Riot – The Hag
Crosby, Stills & Nash – Guinnevere
Floors & Walls – Borassic Man
Public Service Broadcasting – Dig For Victory
Theatre Royal – The Story of My Life
Balance Lost – When This Ends Let’s Be Friends
Harry Nilsson – Jump Into The Fire

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Listen Again to the 25th November Show with ME4 Writers



On Monday 25th November we were joined in the studio by ME4 Writers. You can listen again right here…


Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – She Does It Right
The Parade – The Great & Shameless
The Bresslaws – The Wedding Party
Crow Lane – Tequila Suicide
New Riot – sleep
Lovespuds – cabaret
That Massive Bereavement – Eat The Rich
Broken Banjo – Regretamine & The Horse
Hymmel – Cows
Didi Bergman – Dragonfly
Es Muss Sein – Sail
Natalie Evans – Butterflies
Ash – Girl From Mars
Bellowhead – New York Girls
The Clash – London Calling
The Baron Von Marlon – From Brighton To Byron Bay
Billy Wears Dresses – Sittingbourne Annual Carnival Parade
The Levellers – The River Flow
Theatre Royal – Katharine’s Sleeping
REM – What’s The Frequency Kenneth

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Listen Again to the 11th November show ft. Bear vs Manero


This week we were joined in the studio by three quarters of Bear vs Manero, who popped in to play their brand new Bifacial EP and talk about all sorts of things, some of which were barely the right side of broadcasting standards (yes, we mean Suze from Frau Pouch’s question). You can listen again right here.

UpcDownc – Hunter Gatherer
The Objectors – Jah-rusalem
The Dears – Lost In The Plot
Broken Banjo – African Child
Groovy Uncle ft. Suzi Chunk – Human Scaffold
The Galileo 7 – More Time
Guided By Voices – Everywhere With Helicopter
Husker Du – Eight Miles High
Bear vs Manero – Flouride Frustration Face
Bear vs Manero – Discordia 2.0
Bear vs Manero – Thor’s Super Sweet Sixteen Party
Bear vs Manero – Budd
Fugazi – And The Same
The Dirtbombs – Livin’ For The City
XTC – Making Plans For Nigel (demo)
The Singing Loins – The Topless Twins Of Allhallows On Sea
That Massive Bereavement – Benetton Models
Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Get Up Stand Up
Steve Mason – Fire
The Flying Isaacs – Julia

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Listen Again to the 4th November show featuring Chris ‘Arfur’ Allen

Chris Allen by Phil Dillon

This week we were joined in the studio by none other than Chris ‘Arfur Allen’, who came in to chat and play live. Listen again to find out how he likes his eggs…


One Day Elliott – Torn
Left of the Right Side –Better This Way
Ben Jones – Low Down Dirty Blues
Broken Banjo – Raise Your Flag and Make Your Children Dumb (Fizzer’s session)
Maker – Lose it On The Second Turn
Stone Temple Pilots – Big Empty
Natalie Evans – Butterflies
Lupen Crook – Chasing Dragons
Balance Lost – Stupid Little Fish
Psapp – The Camel’s Back
Wheels – Forget It
The Startover – Worst Case Scenario
Chris Allen – Scars & Souvenirs
Tunng – Death and The Maiden Retold
Duotone – Broken Earth
Chris Allen – Don’t Be Going Gently
Roller Trio – Deep Heat
Bear vs Manero – Fluoride Frustration Face
Frau Pouch – Queef of Life
Bob Collins – Sunshine
Los Salvadores – Act II
The Doors – Peace Frog

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