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Listen Again to the 19th November Show: The Muswells Live!

In this week’s show we discussed what we would do if we were elected as a police commissioner, explored the rich vernacular of the English language (almost) off-air and had a lovely chat with The Muswells, who popped in to play us a few live songs and give us a sneak preview of their forthcoming Thunderbolt Pier E.P. As ever, you can listen again here.


Richard Hawley – Leave Your Body Behind You
Jacuzzi 9mm – I Vote Mike Patton For The Next James Bond
7 Day Conspiracy – Someday
Despondent – Confined
The Specials – Ghost Town
The Objectors – Cold Last Night
Devendra Banhart – Sea Horse
Stuart Turner – Church Of Bones
Robyn Hitchcock – Victorian Squid
Lupen Crook – Note To Self
James Bell – Jeremy Bentham’s Head
The Sans Pareil – Sweet Nothing
The Muswells – Thunderbolt Pier
Billy Childish – Troubled Mind
The Muswells – Rock and Roll Ain’t Dead
Gallileo 7 – Can’t Get Away From Myself
The Muswells – She Makes Me Feel (Alive)
Billy Nichols – If You Think You’re Groovy
Balance Lost – Diamond Stricture
UpCDownC – Boneyard
Philtrum – The Moment
One Day Elliott – Rule Number One
Mission of Burma – That’s When I Reach For My Revolver
The Beatles – Hey Bulldog
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Listen Again to the 12th November Show > Scott Mallard of Sirens & Shelter Live!

This week we were visited by Scott from Sirens & Shelter, a lovely chap and an engaging performer who isn’t afraid to venture into the unknown with half a dozen German blokes, so he tells us. He played live and selected a few songs from his phone to share with us. Beth was back in the studio and Grace was our man from Beyond The Delta. You can listen again right here.


Houdini – When I Kill in my Sleep
Axes – Fleetwood Math
Frau Pouch – Gimp
The Buff Medways – Sally Sensation
Balance Lost – For Now The Sea is Calm Pt 1
Burn Paper Tigers – Blankets
The Mockingbird Nightmare – Eleven Eleven
My Life in The Making – The Part Where
Groovy Uncle – Vanity, Snake Hips and Hair
Maker – Lady Revolver
Tom Williams and The Boat – Get Worse
Broken Hands – Wept
The Gang – Mania
The Startover – 13 Ways To Be Better Than You
The Satellite Years – Jelly Jelly
Mother Mother – Baby Don’t Dance
The Singing Loins – Monsters Ashore
Lupen Crook – The Emerging Seas
Didi Bergman – Rainy Day (Umbrella Song)
Punching Swans – Burlesque Messiah
Gothic Chicken – Pitta Bread Man
Natalie Evans – Headcase

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Listen Again to the 29th October Show > Lupen Crook Live!

This Monday saw Lupen Crook join us for a chat and to play songs from his new album British Folk Tales. You can listen again right here. Enjoy!


27s – Pretty Pointless
Balance Lost – The Shoulder Peeker
Bear vs Manero – Further
Billy Bones – Tap Tap Tap
Call Me Malcolm – Does My Offbeat Look Big In This?
Crybaby Special – No Excuses
Dirty Vibes – Black Habit
Floors & Walls – Boracic Man
Frau Pouch – Mittens
Furry Love Lickers – Hollow
Houdini – When I Kill in My Sleep
Jouis – Who Shot The Monkey?
Niltones – Circadian Rhythm
Petburger – The Chase
Pity Party – Behold The Ravages Of Age
Rokoko – My Fellow Swordsman
Rupert Eagleowl – Rupert’s Big Entrance / EagleOwl Is Performing
Suzi Chunk – Tripwire
The Baron Von Marlon – Brighton to Byron Bay
The Boot Lagoon – An Odd Owl
The Lovespuds – Some song Fizzer has on his iPod!
The Sans Pareil – Vanishing Point
The Singing Loins – Song For The Underdog
UpCDownC – Scott Jason Smith
Ye Wiles – Leisurewear

Photos © Marf Salvador, All Rights Reserved

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