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Listen again to the show from March 3rd 2014!

Here it is.
The first show sans Phil.
This symbol says it all


The Lovedays – House of Cards
The Deccas – Misery
The Beatles – Norweigan Wood
Swampstomper – Pick yourself Up
Punching Swans – Burlesque Messiah
Broken Banjo – African Child
Lupen Crook – The Pirate’s Wife
Stuart Turner – She Does It Right
Groovy Uncle ft. Suzi Chunk – November
The Small Faces – Understanding
The Stooges – I wanna be your Dog
3D – I wanna riot
De la Soul – The Magic Number
Burn Paper Tigers- Blankets
Did Bergman – Happy Song #1
Bear vs Manero – Budd
Crybaby Special – Wishing Well
Kofalli Ragdoll – Paranoia and Cats
Shirley Bassey – Light My Fire
Phoneix – Run, run, run
L7 – Pretend we’re dead
Theatre Royal – Doubt
INXS – Need you tonight
The Singing Lions – Monsters Ashore
Kate Bush – Sat in your lap
Rolling Stones – Mixed Emotions


Listen Again to the 24th February Show

filtered_green tea 2

This week’s show was brought to you by Phil and Marf, who compensated for the absence of Fizzer with samosas and green tea. Mrs Trellis writes in with a few kind words and the playlist is, quite frankly, foxy. Enjoy!


I Wanna Riot – 3D
Eve Of The Isle – Mourning Birds
Morning Birds 1 – Throwing Muses
Giant Tortoise – Pond
Nine Toed Woman – That Massive Bereavement
Space Chicken – Frau Pouch
Everything I Saw – The Weather Station
We Are Nowhere And It’s Now – Bright Eyes
Belle Of The Ball – The Parade
Bossa Nova – Shivaree
Perfect Boy – Chris Allen
I Am Always The One Who Calls – Pedro The Lion
Overdone – Bombay Bicycle Club
Feel Flows – The Charlatans
Surgical Focus – Guided By Voices
Run And Hide – Maker
Dear Mr Fantasy – Traffic
Homesick – Phill Vidler
The Vines – Tape Error
Day Of Bees – Vlks
Come On Let’s Go – Broadcast
Stop The Music For A Minute – Quentin Crisp
Flouride Frustration Face – Bear Vs Manero
Cold Last Night – The Objectors
Jeremy’s Storm – Tame Impala
Headcase – Natalie Evans
Funeral Songs – Cosmic Thoughts
Roses – The Flowing
The Mingulay Boat Song – Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society
Radio – Broderick & Barnes

Listen Again to the 17th February Show with The Parade

1 copy

We were joined in the studio last night by Jem & Mosh from The Parade, and they were all over us like a nun sandwich – selecting songs for the playlist, sharing their new single ‘Belle Of The Ball’ and playing live on air. You can listen again here…


Punching Swans – Body Salad
Broken Banjo – Le Barry
Balance Lost – You’re Conducting Electricity
De La Soul – Ring Ring Ring …
The Galileo 7 – Can’t Get Away From Myself
The Love Family – Somewhere Waiting
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – Mindspikes
The Parade – Belle Of The Ball
Wolfgang Riot – Wasteful
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Jubilee Street
Eels – The Look You Give That Guy
The Parade – Make Up Baby
Magazine – The Light Pours Out Of Me
The National – Karen
The Postal Service – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
Pulp – Sorted For Es & Whizz
Phill Vidler – Homesick
P J Harvey – Let England Shake
The Smiths – Girlfriend In A Coma
The Chaundeliers – Dirty Cash
The Buzzcocks – Why Can’t I Touch It?
Aerosmith – Love In An Elevator
Broderick & Barnes – Radio

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Listen Again to the 10th February Show – The Kids Are All Square

kids are all square

Hear legendary guitarist Bob Collins in conversation with Fizzer about The Kids Are All Square, a book about Medway music co-authored with Ian Snowball and available from Countdown Books. Bob picks some killer tunes too :0)


Jamie & The Portraits – A Song For Dan
Tape Error – Home
Ben Jones & The Rifle Volunteers – Now Or Never
The Buff Medways – Troubled Mind
The Prisoners – Reaching My Head
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – Decimation
The Pop Rivets – Fun In The UK
? – ?
Theatre Royal – Katharine’s Sleeping
The Speed Of Sound – Ring Of Confidence
The Dentists – I Had An Excellent Dream
The Milkshakes – Seven Days
The Charlatans – Weirdo
The Daggermen – It’s You I See
Nirvana – Sliver
Cenet Rox – ?
The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
The Claim – Treasurehunting

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Listen Again to the 3rd February Show with That Massive Bereavement


This week we were joined in the studio by That Massive bereavement, who shared some tracks from their soon to be released and frankly awesome new EP / mini album Sugar For The Masses. Best enjoyed loud*.


Fishtank – Kakapo
Mass Lines – Dogville Bites Back
Punching Swans – OCD
The 27s – Butterfly
Broken Banjo – African Child
Godcone – Theme from Godcone
Crybaby Special – No Excuses
Frau Pouch – Queef of Life
Lupen Crook – Dirty Mile
Stuart Turner – Gunville Girl
That Massive Bereavement – Nine Toed Woman
That Massive Bereavement – Rupert Murdoch
Bear vs Manero – Fluoride Frustration Face
That Massive Bereavement – Bullet
Philtrum – Caught Inside
That Massive Bereavement – Colin Farmer
Cosmic Thoughts – Funeral Songs
That Massive Bereavement – Desolate
Hymmel – Dry Riser
The Specials AKA – Racist Friend
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Greeting Song
The Muswells – Thunderbolt Pier
Half Man Half Biscuit – I left my heart in Papworth General
Balance Lost – Stupid Little Fish

* Serving suggestion

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Listen Again to the 27th January Show with Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society


This week we were joined in the studio by Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society, ahead of the launch of their new album “The Art & Science of Phrenology”. Listen again to hear them talk about all sorts of things and play four songs live in the studio.

We let Fizzer choose a song again this week, but the beauty of the listen again feature is that you can skip past it if you want to. Enjoy!


Ben Jones & The Rifle Volunteers – Low Down Dirty Blues
Pity Party – The Barest Minimum
Philtrum – Permanent
The Strookas – What Am I Doing Here On My Own?
Fugazi – Margin Walker
Stiff Little Fingers – Fly The Flag
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band – Canyons Of Your Mind
The Delgados – Mr Blue Sky
Bear Vs manero – Budd
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – Mindspikes
Broken Banjo – Regretamine & The Horse
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – Odyssey
Black Lion Courtiers – Weep Willow Weep
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – Sunday Song
The Premiers – Farmer John
Bow Wow Wow – Go Wild In The Country
Lupen Crook – POV
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – Gunville Girl
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – Roadrunner
The Knack – My Sharona
Frau Pouch – Queef Of Life
The Living End – Closing In
The Doors – Love Me Two Times
DROPTHIS! – From Bognor With Love (Live on FRS)
Joe – Under My Skin

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Listen Again to the 20th January Show with DROPTHIS


This week, we were joined in the studio by DROPTHIS, an energetic and punky lot who don’t take themselves (or indeed anything) terribly seriously (see photo above). They chatted and played, were often inappropriate, and gave the show it’s first ever Sugababes cover. What more could you want? You can listen again here…


Broken Banjo – Raise Your Flag and Make Your Children Dumb
Bear vs Manero – Thor’s Super Sweet Sixteen Party
Groovy Uncle ft. Suzi Chunk – Brand New Badge
The Singing Loins – Ascending Chatham Hill
Cher – Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves
Vlks – Day Of Bees
Nick Drake – Cello Song
Cat Power – New York
The Objectors – Storm In A Tea Cup
Houdini – Into The Woods
Lambchop – You Masculine You
Jacob Golden – Jesus Angelina
Dropthis – From Bognor With Love
Reavsey – All I Want Is You
Dropthis – Fameandshitarefourletterwords
The Shagmonroes – King Of Bradford
Dropthis – Exploit Me
Frau Pouch – Space Chicken
Dropthis – About You Now
The A-Lines – More Wax Please
DarkTrain – Be Mine, Or Seven
Crybaby Special – Lay Down With Me
Wilco – I’m The Man Who Loves You
Guns & Roses – Perfect Crime
Stiltskin – Inside
The Dentists – Peppermint Dreams
The Claim – Gullible’s Travels
Theatre Royal – What Was That Sound?
The Parade – Russian Dolls
Survivors Of Suki – Sing

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