June 9th 2014 featuring TONE festival



The show kicked off with the sad news that Chris had, for personal reasons, well I say personal reasons had left the show. The truth was though that he has been found keeping a family of illegal guppies under his famed moustache.

WE were joined by TONE festival organisers who waxed lyrical about the upcoming art and sound event. Go to the website for all the information.

The Medway based pun game centred on Football ahead of the world cup and the listeners were on fire!!! Old Ash Tree Cole, Strood Guillet and Troy Keane Town amongst some of the best! 

Anne-Marie from The Rochester Film Society joined us once more to all about the weeks films and guess my description of a film which included running street battles between The Gay and Bisexual Transgender gangs in the past. Honest its a real film. snigger

all the best Fizzer!



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