We were joined by Rochester Film Society who shared their vast knowledge of all things film. Not cling film. Although that was a behind the scenes theme this week as both Marf and Fizzer were wrapped up in it. Idiots.

Broken Banjo – One Trick Pony
Maker – Stop My Heart Dead
Syd Arthur – Exit Domino
Jouis – Hallelujah Ukele
Dropthis – From Bognor with Love
Ted Dibiase and the Million Dollar Punk Band – Is that a stick of dynamite…..?
Punching Swans – OCD
Mass Lines – Young Punks
The Parade – A night like this
The Baron von Marlon – Johnny loves June
Boo, Forever – Bones
Tindersticks – ma soeur
Mick Jagger – Memo from Turner
John Berry – Beat for Beatnik
Stuart Turner and the Flat Earth Society – Call me Dave
Younghusband – Comets Crossed
Something else
Ben Jones – Promises, promises
Solko – Hounded to the ground
Lunch Money – The Whale
Archie Wah Wahs – Not in this world
Space – Avenging Angels


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