Listen Again to the 24th February Show

filtered_green tea 2

This week’s show was brought to you by Phil and Marf, who compensated for the absence of Fizzer with samosas and green tea. Mrs Trellis writes in with a few kind words and the playlist is, quite frankly, foxy. Enjoy!


I Wanna Riot – 3D
Eve Of The Isle – Mourning Birds
Morning Birds 1 – Throwing Muses
Giant Tortoise – Pond
Nine Toed Woman – That Massive Bereavement
Space Chicken – Frau Pouch
Everything I Saw – The Weather Station
We Are Nowhere And It’s Now – Bright Eyes
Belle Of The Ball – The Parade
Bossa Nova – Shivaree
Perfect Boy – Chris Allen
I Am Always The One Who Calls – Pedro The Lion
Overdone – Bombay Bicycle Club
Feel Flows – The Charlatans
Surgical Focus – Guided By Voices
Run And Hide – Maker
Dear Mr Fantasy – Traffic
Homesick – Phill Vidler
The Vines – Tape Error
Day Of Bees – Vlks
Come On Let’s Go – Broadcast
Stop The Music For A Minute – Quentin Crisp
Flouride Frustration Face – Bear Vs Manero
Cold Last Night – The Objectors
Jeremy’s Storm – Tame Impala
Headcase – Natalie Evans
Funeral Songs – Cosmic Thoughts
Roses – The Flowing
The Mingulay Boat Song – Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society
Radio – Broderick & Barnes


One thought on “Listen Again to the 24th February Show

  1. thezineuk says:

    Mourning Birds ROCK

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