Listen Again to the 13th January Show: The Hidden Kiwi Fruit


As well as the usual high quality witty repartee that you’ve all grow to love, Monday’s show featured a BELTER of a playlist from Marf. Turn it up!


Axes – Fleetwood Math
Fishtank – Oliver Postgate
Lupen Crook – The Dead Relative
Jouis – 5,878
Morgan’s Puff Adder – Seeing You
Call Me Malcolm – Call Me Malcolm
Wildfowl – The Young Maverick
Broken Banjo – African Child
Punching Swans – OCD
Bear vs Manero – Discordia 2.0
The Answer – Everyday Demons
Magnets – Flicker
Delta Sleep – Amorous Feelings of Beach
Modest Mouse – Float on
Björk – Big Time Sensuality
Wat Tyler – Michael Bolton’s Hair
Ted DiBiase and the Million Dollar Punk Band – Is That A Stick Of Dynamite In Your Pocket…?
Philtrum – Switchstance
Balance Lost – Spider to the Fly
Queen – Seven Seas of Rhye
Ben Jones – When I Fall
Shed7 – On Standby
Theatre Royal – Katharine’s Sleeping
Lick – You’re Beautiful
Tank Trap – Bite the Bullet
I Am Kloot – Over My Shoulder
Therapy? – Screamager
Snuff – Jo Whiley Steve Lamacq 1

Whatever you do, don’t click HERE.


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