Listen Again to the 6th January Show: Pawn Special


Fizzer chooses two tracks and reads from a book about chess. It’s actually much better than that description suggests. You can listen again here…


Pity Party – The Barest Minimum
The Flying Isaacs – Cracked
The Lovedays – Not For The Faint Hearted
The Everly Brothers – Wake Up Little Suzie
Gravenhurst – She Dances
Eels – The Look You Give That Guy
Lupen Crook – Crumb Trails
Goodchilde – Misled Children
Chris ‘Arfur’ Allen – Perfect Boy
The Muswells – Thunderbird Pier
The Bresslaws – Lie Detector
Bob Mould – Silver Age
Dropthis – The Colony
Less Than Jake – All My Friends Are Metal Heads
Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Charlie’s In The Gutter
The Galileo 7 – Can’t Get Away From Myself
The Love Family – Stay Connected
The Only Sun – Old Rosie
Hong Kong Phooey / The Flintstones
McCarthy – Should The Bible Be Banned?
Gomez – Rosemary
Half Man Half Biscuit – God Gave Us Life
Tape Error – Home
Spiritualized – Electricity
Unlucky Fried Kitten – The Seventies
The Vandebilts – Abbi
Upcdownc – Hunter Gatherer

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