Listen Again to the 9th December Show: Hear No Monkey, Speak No Monkey, See No Monkey,

See, Hear, Speak No Evil Monkeys blue

A cosy, monkey-free show, in which Fizzer and Marf do what they do best, as well as chatting and playing music. Enjoy!


The Love Family – Somewhere Waiting
Rokoko – Hatty Days
Philtrum – The Moment
Punching Swans – OCD
Ben Jones & The Rifle Volunteers – Promises, Promises
Joe – Under My Skin
UpCDownC – Roman Horses
Blind Maharishi – Strawwelpeter
Kill Rpnzl – Zombie Midwife Afterbirth Squad
Z Stackc – The Big Meg
That Massive Bereavement – Benetton Models
Pity Party – The Barest Minimum
The Singing Loins – Alien
The Flowing – Atlantis
Kofalli Ragdoll – Paranoia & Cats
Swampstomper – Pick Yourself Up
Marmaduke Duke – Rubber Lever
Ferocious Lopez – Another Time
Modest Mouse – World At Large
The Specials – Free Nelson Mandela
ODE – So Far So Good
The Parade – Russian Dolls
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – The Get Out
Less Than Jake – All My Best Friends Are Metal Heads
3D – The Next New Thing
RX Bandits – De Crescendo
First Born Heroes – Smashed Glass


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