Listen Again to the 2nd December show with Mourning Birds

Mourning Birds

This week were joined in the studio by Mourning Birds, who chatted and bravely dipped a toe into the water of acoustic performance. We reckon they did pretty well, but we wouldn’t trust them to run the buses. You can listen again here…

PLAYLIST (taken exclusively from the Medway Eyes ME5 compilation)

Gggn ft Brmn – Alligators
Bob Collins & The Full Nelson – The Middle Of The Day
DarkTrain – Be Mine, Or Seven
Glenn Barnes – Pond Of Love
The Galileo 7 – Ann Hedonia (live)
The Shagmonroes – King Of Bradford
Arfur – Fishy Tales
Crybaby Special – Lay Down With Me (bootleg)
Bear vs Manero – Budd
The Love Family – Somewhere Waiting
Wildfowl – Flamenca
My Sick Mind & Chris Austin – Thanks To The Latter
The Flowing – Atlantis
Broken Banjo – Raise Your Flag & Make Your Children Dumb
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – The Get Out
Mourning Birds – The Last Thing I Need
Black Lion Courtiers – Weep Willow Weep
Mourning Birds – Leave It Behind
Theatre Royal – What Was That Sound? (demo)
3D – The Next New Thing
These Guilty Men – These Guilty Men
The Objectors – Jah-rusalem
Kofalli Ragdoll- Paranoia & Cats
Didi Bergman – Candle & A Song
Joe – Under My Skin
Frau Pouch – Aqueducts
Broderick & Barnes – You In There
Groovy Uncle – Ordinary Day
Blind Maharishi – Strawwelpeter

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