Listen Again to the 17th November Show with Dead Bears

Dead Bears

This week we were joined in the studio by Dead Bears, who played us a couple of tracks and taught us much about the mating habits of turtles. You can listen again here.


Theatre Royal – Katharine’s Sleeping
The Love Family – Magic Is Real
Ther Ambience – Like A Blast Of Cold Air
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – Nanny And The Fireship
Black Circles – Little Girl
The Hold Steady – Certain Songs
The Objectors – Jah-rusalem
Crybaby Special – Lay Down With Me
Prince – Chocolate Starfish
The Beatles – Paperback Writer
Pirt Party – Behold The Ravages Of Age
Bear vs Manero – Budd
Dead Bears – Bones
Lou Reed – Vicious
Dead Bears – Kill
King Crule – Out Getting Ribs
Lupen Crook – Where The Crow Flies
Maker – Tell Me I’m Wrong
UpCDownC – Scott Jason Smith
Balance Lost – Stupid little Fish
Neil Young – Barstool Blues
David Bowie – Cat People
Bob Dylan – rainy Day Women
Glenn Barnes – How Long?
Philtrum – Caught Inside

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