Listen Again to the 7th October Show featuring Charlotte Rose Ellis


This week we were joined in the studio by the effervescent Charlotte Rose Ellis, who chatted with us at great length, sang for us and gave Fizzer the gift of hair. We enjoyed ourselves, and you can too by listening again.


Bear Vs Manero – Budd
Axes – Middle East 17
Ben Jones & the Rifle Volunteers – Low Down Dirty Blues
Bob Dylan – Love Minus Zero / No Limits
The Shagmonroes – Candy Floss Suit
Fish Tank – Kakapo
Jouis – 5878
Broken Banjo – Regretamine & the Horse
Stuart Turner & the Flat Earth Society – Shimmy
Yo La Tengo – Pass The Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind
Floors & Walls – Tracey
Charlotte Rose Ellis – Second Best
One Day Elliott – Palladio
Charlotte Rose Ellis – When Stars Align
Muse – Feeling Good
Charlotte Rose Ellis – We Will Remember
The Beatles – Dig A Pony
Call Me Malcolm – Does My Offbeat Look Big In This?
Groovy Uncle ft. Suzi Chunk – Ordinary Day
The Boot Lagoon – Island Enture
Syd Arthur – Funk Jam
Delta Sleep – Amorous Feelings Of Beach
Hand Of Stabs – Daylight Through Gusset (FRS session)

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