Listen Again to the 23rd September Show with Guest Co-Host Ant Martin

betamax 3

This Monday there was no Marf or Phil, so Fizzer invited friend of the show Ant on to co-host with him. You can listen again to an eclectic mix of music and discussions about topis as varied as estate agents, comedy, charity, football and Betamax. Get in!


The Dentists – Turquoise Castle / House The Size of Mars
Theatre Royal – The Story of My Life
Lupen Crook – Devil’s Son
Crybaby Special – No Excuses
3DBs Down – Fish Hook
Play Dead Proxy – Nil By Mouth
Mourning Birds – The Last Thing I Need
Polka Party – Serbian Tennis
Black Circles – Final Straw
One Eleven Edmund – Rita Matthews
Rokoko – My Fellow Swordsman
Los Salvadores – Holly Shore
Didi Bergman – Dragonfly

“The News”

The Startover – Stop Rewind Replay
Mazzy Star – Take Everything
Dead Bears – OK
Thee Headcoatees – Davy Crockett
Hospital Bombers – Philippa Hut
Chairs Missing – Economic Thief
Pavement – Cut Your Hair
Joe Cottiss -SeventyFour
Stuart Turner – Leaving
The Waterboys – Is She Conscious?
UpC DownC – Firewolf
Balance Lost – Passat Dream
The Dentists – There Was Love On The Floor (So I Walked On The Ceiling)

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