Listen Again to the 22nd July Show featuring Natalie Evans

Natalie processed

This week we were joined in our clammy little studio by Natalie Evans, who popped by to chat and play. Antmonkey dropped in to tell us all about HeroFest, and this year’s prince was born. We also played a few tracks by the much loved and hugely missed Chris Austin, hearts in our mouths. Here it is…


Burn Paper Tigers – Blankets
Tape Error – Home
Chris Austin – Deconstructionalist Blues
The Lovedays – Your Money Or Your Life
The Effectives – Theme Fro The Effectives
Czechmate – Bus
Morrissey – Interesting Drug
Hildamay – Miles Away
The Singing Loins – Alien
Wheels – Smith Said He’d Never Change
Theatre Royal – Here It Comes
Lupen Crook – Kick Up The Leaves
Dave Read – Lightbending
Big Star – Life Is White
Natalie Evans – Butterflies
Jarvis Cocker – Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time
Natalie Eans – Gymnastics
Vlks – The Richard Cobden
Natalie Evans – Letters
The Flying Isaacs – Pound And A Penny
The Vandebilts – Social Inadequate
The Wave Pictures – Hotels and Motels
The Parade – A Night Like This
Swampstomper – Pick Yourself Up
Nirvana – Love Buzz
Frau Pouch – Space Chicken
Crybaby Special – Stray Cat Strut
Burn Paper Tigers – Change Is Worse
Hospital Bombers – Maid In Old Town


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