Listen Again to the 1st July Show with Hand Of Stabs


On Monday we were joined in the studio by Hand Of Stabs, who played two stunning pieces for us and gave us a special insight into their working methods. Fizzer enjoyed it so much he did a bit of wee. Marf reviewed the 1956 Albert Lamorisse film ‘The Red Balloon’ and we played some far out tunes. You can listen again right here…


The Bresslaws -The Wedding Party
Tank Trap – Bite The Bullet
The Shagmonroes – Candyfloss Suit
The Fall – Wings
The Love Family – A Soundtrack
Bob Collins – Emily
James Iha – To Who Knows Where
The Galileo 7 – Orangery Lane
Lupen Crook – Scissor Kick
Scott Walker – Jackie
Bernard Cribbins – The Hole In The Ground
Tatu – All The Things She Said
Kraftwerk – Tour De France
Radiohead – Faust Arp
Goat – Disco Fever
Hand Of Stabs – Goat Sandwich
Goat – Disco Fever (slight return)
Hand Of Stabs – Daylight Through Gusset
Frau Pouch – Brain Dance
Houdini – Deadlines
The Duckworth Lewis Method – The Sweet Spot
UFK – People
The Kinks – Big Sky
The Byrds – 5D (Fifth Dimension)
The Baron Von Marlon – Little Life-Giver
Tape Error – In The Heart Of This Town

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2 thoughts on “Listen Again to the 1st July Show with Hand Of Stabs

  1. Marf says:

    Marf is so cool.

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