Listen again to the 10th June show with Rokoko, Dave Bailey and a royal interview…


This Monday we were joined first by comedian Dave Bailey and his special friend Antmonkey, then by Rokoko, and Fizzer also interviewed HRH the Duke of Edinburgh’s spleen. You can decide for yourselves who the best interviewees were. We loved them all, of course…


Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – Decimation
Ben Jones & The Rifle Volunteers – Low Down Dirty Blues
The Muswells – Thunderbolt Pier
The Buff Medways – Fire
Crybaby Special – Wishing Well
Wonk Unit – Spooky House
Blur – You’re So Great
John Forrester – Pure
Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin – Je T’Aime
Easy Star All Stars – No Surprises
Vlks – Day Of Bees
Theatre Royal – Three Ships
Husker Du – Eight Miles High
Neutral Milk Hotel – Song Against Sex
Rokoko – Twisted Times
Rokoko – Hatty Days
Ice, Sea, Dead People – You Could Be A Model
Rokoko – Leave It All Behind
Reavsey – When Eddie Holman Sang
Groovy Uncle – Life’s A Gift
The Faces – Debris
Public Service Broadcasting – ROYGBIV
Tape Error – Lesson A New Fear
MV & EE – Trailer Trash
That Massive Bereavement – Eat The Rich
Vivian Stanshall – Interlewd

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