Listen Again to the May 27th Show…


Tonight’s show was co-produced by Producer Phil and Mr Eustace P Peevely of the Wonderland Zoo. We hope you dug it :0)


Theatre Royal – Katharine’s Sleeping
The Galileo 7 – Anne Hedonia
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – I Spent My Last Fifty Pence On The Taxi Here
The Clash – London Calling
Calexico – The Guns Of Brixton
Frau Pouch – Sexy Architecture
The Fall – The War Against Intelligence
Houdini – When I Kill In My Sleep
Natalie Evans – Library Days
Marine Girls – Lazy Ways
Josh Rouse – Flight Attendant
Philtrum – Caught Inside
Bob Mould – Angels Rearrange
Lupen Crook – My Mistaken Angel
Bright Eyes – We Are Nowhere (And It’s Now)
King Crimson – Frame By Frame

Crybaby Special – One Winged Bird
Broken Banjo – Le Barry
Walking Blues – Robert Johnson
Wolfgang Riot – It Isn’t Much
Theme from “The Hair Bear Bunch”
Percy “Thrills” Thrillington – Ram On
Dave Depper – Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
X-Ray Specs – Germ Free Adolescent
Adam & The Ants – Antmusic
Burn Paper Tigers – Maid In Old Town
Lambchop – Paperback Bible
Punching Swans – Math Problems
Bear Vs Manero – The Tale of the Chameleon and the Malcomtent Cockroach
Wildfowl – The Long Road Home
The Monkees – Writing Wrongs
The Bresslaws – (I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone
The Objectors – Cold Outside
Dean Friedman – Lucky Stars

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