Listen Again to the 13th May Show: T-Shirts and Tight Trousers


Your chance to listen again to the show that’s so switched on it doesn’t play the news, it MAKES it. With Marf, Phil, their awesome t-shirts and the other bloke.


The Parade – A Night Like This
Crybaby Special – One Way Mind
The Love Family – Magic Is Real (original demo)
Captain Sensible – A Riot On Eastbourne Pier
The Bresslaws – The Wedding Party
Reavsey – All I Want Is You
The Singing Loins – Be Merry
Canned Heat – Human Condition
Gil Scott-Heron – Lady Day & John Coltrane
The Flowing – Atlantis
Daniel Johnston – True Love Will Find You In The End
Tape Error – Murderfires
Mojave 3 – Krazy Koz
Stuart Turner & the Flat Earth Society – Sunrise
Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Genesis – I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
Pink Floyd – Bike
Dungen – Satt At Se
Pity Party – Surreal Estate
Unlucky Fried Kitten – The Seventies
Beastie Boys – Egg man
De La Soul – The Magic Number
Didi Bergman – Little Love Mythologies
Natalie Evans – Gymnastics
Hawkwind – Motorhead
Firstborn Heroes – Down and Out
Muse – Hyper Music
Swampstomper – Dirty Black Boots

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