Listen Again: May Day! May Day!

Bubble Pixie

A pixie blowing bubbles today. There is no cause for alarm.

We gave ourselves the evening of this week, but we hope you liked Producer Phil’s pre-recorded show. If you haven’t heard t yet, here it is…

We’ll be talking about the Sweeps festival next week, but for now, here’s tonight’s playlist…

Balance Lost – We’re Definitely Ready
The Singing Loins – Happy Me Up
Wire – Three Girl Rhumba
Elastica – Connection
Professional Biscuit Thief – I Can’t Find Homebase …
Rokoko – ER
Theatre Royal – A Sunny Day In June
Natalie Evans – Late Journeys
Crybaby Special – Lay Down With Me
Frau Pouch – Exposo
The Beatles – Lovely Rita
Foxygen – San Francisco
Houdini – Don’t Look Down
The Vandebilts – Abbi
The Parade – Russian Dolls
Rosemary’s Children – Kings And Princes
James Bell – Jeremy Bentham’s Head
Tape Error – Weightlessness Is Useless

Stuart Turner And The Flat Earth Society – Shimmy
Doctor Feelgood – Milk And Alcohol
The Claim – Mary Stavin
The Galileo 7 – Never Go Back
Brigadier Ambrose – Mrs Peel, We’re Needed
UpCDownC – Black Lodge
Lupen Crook – Whole Of The Moon
The Dentists – Creature Out Of Control
Yo La Tengo – Pass Me The Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind
The Move – Blackberry Way
Bear Vs Manero – Now Is Not The Time For Impressions Rory Bremner
Razorcuts – I Heard You The First Time
Hindu Love Gods – Raspberry Beret
Didi Bergman – Perfect Cadence
The Ambience – Will The Stars Align?

Playlist transcribed by Spud.


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