Listen Again to the April 29th Show: Fizzer Does Mushrooms

sooty sweep sue

Marf wasn’t there this Monday, but Fizzer compensated by making my part bigger. Plus we had an exclusive new track from Rokoko. The playlist was excellent, naturally. Have a bang on it…

Producer Phil


One Winged Bird – Crybaby Special
Slightly Ajar – Professional Biscuit Thief
Vegas – Gloria Cycles
Hatty Days – Rokoko
Intro – Dungen
Outro – Broken Banjo
Dirty Black Boots – Swampstomper
No Sorrow – Z Stacks
Strawberry Street – Jeff Buckley
Fear And Loathing – The Parade
Hold On – The Flowing (Ft. Agathe Peyrat)
Trailer Trash – MV & EE
Waste Of Oxygen – Tape Error
Intermission – Offspring
Fight For Your Right – Beastie Boys
When I Kill In My Sleep – Houdini
Playing Games – Black Circles
Headcase – Natalie Evans
Sooner or Later – Didi Bergman
Like A Blast Of Cold Air – The Ambience
On The Beach – The Chameleons
Day Of Bees – Vlks
The Vanishing of Maria Schneider – Deus
Three Ships (disappear here) – Theatre Royal
Hymn From A Village – James
The Long Road Home – Wildfowl
House In The Woods – The Singing Loins
Holiday Song – Stuart Turner And The Flat Earth Society


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