Listen Again to the 4th March Show > Suzi Chunk LIVE!


Last night we were joined in the studio by Cardiff based singer Suzi Chunk who is about to embark on un petit tour de France with Medway’s very own Groovy Uncle, who wrote all the songs on her album ‘Girl From The Neck Down’. You can listen again to the whole thing here…

And here’s a video of their performance of “It’s Not Your Heartache”…


Lupen Crook – Herding Cats
The Galileo 7 – Orangery Lane
T Rex – Rock On
Foxygen – San Francisco
Brian Jonestown Massacre – Who?
Tame Impala – Jeremy’s Storm
Kirsty MacColl – They Don’t Know
Hand Of Stabs – Dirge and Trentals Richly Said
Billy Bragg – To Have And Have Not
Rokoko – Partner in Crime
The Weather Station (with Daniel Romano) – Can You See Her In My Eyes?
The Vandebilts – Social Inadequate
Crybaby Specialo & The Monsters – Murder In The Wall
Balance Lost – Airship Revival
Bear vs Manero – The Tale of the Chameleon and the Malcontent Cockroach
Houdini – When I Kill In My Sleep
Suzi Chunk (with Groovy Uncle) – Wish Away The Moon
Ricky Patel – Your Midnight Caller
Suzi Chunk (with Groovy Uncle) – It’s Not Your Heartbreak
Mazzy Star – Fade Into You
Suzi Chunk (with Groovy Uncle) – No Stone Unturned
Chappaquiddick Skyline – Leave Me Alone
Richard Thompson – Stuck On The Treadmill
The Flowing – Goodnight Irene
The Beatles – Twist & Shout
Frau Pouch – Brain Dance
Keith West – Grocer Jack
Pixies – Wild Honey Pie
John & Beverley Martin – Auntie Aviator

Plus, we’ve made a special ‘Behind The Scenes’ video, which you can see here…


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2 thoughts on “Listen Again to the 4th March Show > Suzi Chunk LIVE!

  1. rokoko says:

    Many thanks for previewing our track partner in crime last night guys. We have been getting asked by lots of people for us to upload the tracks but have advised everyone that we are holding these back until the album release in june/july. We have been telling ppl to tune into your show though and listen each week as we have sent the tracks in exclusively for your show.

  2. SZ says:

    Great songs, Glenn. Great vocals, Suzi. Great show, Fizzer.

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