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Balance Lost

This Monday was sad because our lovely Marf wasn’t there because he was full of bogeys, but happy because the lovely Balance lost joined us and sang songs. You can fill your ears here (with happy, not bogeys)…


Magick – Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
Katharine’s Sleeping – Theatre Royal
Maybe The People Would Be The Times… – Love
Russian Dolls – The Parade
The Right Thing Right – Johnny Marr
Decimation – Stuart Turner & the Flat Earth Society
Bodysnatchers – Radiohead
Your Midnight Caller – Ricky Patel
Mosquito – Broken Banjo
The Beatles – Daniel Johnston
Old Rosie – The Only Sun
All I Want Is You – Reavsey
On The Beach – Chameleons
No Chicago Blues – Pity Party
30 Century Man – Scott Walker
I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges
Butterflies – Natalie Evans
Cancel On Me – Bombay Bicycle Club
Wish Fulfillment – Sonic Youth
Airship Revival – Balance Lost
Shoulder Peeker – Balance Lost

Slow Down – Wheels
You’re Conducting Electricity – Balance lost
Cast Out – The Flowing
I Can’t Stand it – The velvet Underground
Academy Fight Song – Mission Of Burma
Sitting Still – REM
Be Merry – The Singing Loins

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