Listen Again to the 4th February Show: Gods, Ghosts and Gremlins…


We didn’t have a guest this week, so it was all about the music. Marf’s mic levels were frankly awesome. Have a listen..


Quentin Crisp – Stop The Music For A Minute
Houdini – When I Kill In My Sleep
Yo La Tengo – Somebody’s Baby
Broken Banjo – One Trick Pony
Johnny Winter – I Love Everybody
The Delgados – Mr Blue Sky
The Bevis Frond – Hey Bulldog
William Shatner – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
The Monkees – Your Auntie Grizelda
The Galileo 7 – Orangery Lane
Radiohead – Life In A Glass House
Robert Wyatt – Lullaby For Hamza
Lupen Crook – The Pirate’s Wife
Wheels – Cities
Balance Lost – Stupid Little Fish
Furry Love Lickers – Hollow
Philtrum – Caught Inside
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – Empires Die With Her
The Love Family – A Foreign Country
The Singing Loins – Alien
Richard Hawley – Some Candy Talking
Robyn Hitchcock – 1974
The Charlatans – Feel Flows
The Stone Roses – Love Spreads
Graham Coxon – Sorrow Army
Punching Swans – Burlesque Messiah

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