Listen Again to the 14th January Show > Wildfowl LIVE!


Listen again to last night’s show which we enjoyed the company of Wildfowl and learned that Fizzer is not overweight, simply undertall….

… and watch Wildfowl here!


Pity Party – Happy Happy Joy Joy
Pond – You Broke My Cool
Can – Mushroom
Balance Lost – Spider To The Fly
Yo La Tengo – Tom Courtney
My Sick Mind – I Don’t Mean It (Send Me Home)
Bright Eyes – We Are Nowhere And It’s Now
Honey Ride Me A Goat – Spastic Colon
Punching Swans – Burlesque Messiah
Tom Waits – Little Drop Of Poison
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – We No Who U R
The Shagmonroes – Candy Floss Suit
Broken Banjo – One Trick Pony
Love – Willow Willow
Max Greger & His Orchestra – Big Train
Rosemary’s Children – Lighthouse Song
Wildfowl – Long Way Home
The Coasters – Love Potion #9
Elliott Smith – Waltz #2 (XO)
Wildfowl – Ain’t Money Funny
Heel – Fight On
Wildfowl – I Didn’t Fall for You (I Tripped)
Crybaby Special & The Monsters – Murder In The Wall
Singing Loins – Hello Heaven
The Muswells – What’s It Got To Do With You?
Felt – Spanish House
Bombay Bicycle Club – Rinse Me Down
The Transpersonals – Silver Star

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