Listen Again to the 19th November Show: The Muswells Live!

In this week’s show we discussed what we would do if we were elected as a police commissioner, explored the rich vernacular of the English language (almost) off-air and had a lovely chat with The Muswells, who popped in to play us a few live songs and give us a sneak preview of their forthcoming Thunderbolt Pier E.P. As ever, you can listen again here.


Richard Hawley – Leave Your Body Behind You
Jacuzzi 9mm – I Vote Mike Patton For The Next James Bond
7 Day Conspiracy – Someday
Despondent – Confined
The Specials – Ghost Town
The Objectors – Cold Last Night
Devendra Banhart – Sea Horse
Stuart Turner – Church Of Bones
Robyn Hitchcock – Victorian Squid
Lupen Crook – Note To Self
James Bell – Jeremy Bentham’s Head
The Sans Pareil – Sweet Nothing
The Muswells – Thunderbolt Pier
Billy Childish – Troubled Mind
The Muswells – Rock and Roll Ain’t Dead
Gallileo 7 – Can’t Get Away From Myself
The Muswells – She Makes Me Feel (Alive)
Billy Nichols – If You Think You’re Groovy
Balance Lost – Diamond Stricture
UpCDownC – Boneyard
Philtrum – The Moment
One Day Elliott – Rule Number One
Mission of Burma – That’s When I Reach For My Revolver
The Beatles – Hey Bulldog
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