Listen Again to the 29th October Show > Lupen Crook Live!

This Monday saw Lupen Crook join us for a chat and to play songs from his new album British Folk Tales. You can listen again right here. Enjoy!


27s – Pretty Pointless
Balance Lost – The Shoulder Peeker
Bear vs Manero – Further
Billy Bones – Tap Tap Tap
Call Me Malcolm – Does My Offbeat Look Big In This?
Crybaby Special – No Excuses
Dirty Vibes – Black Habit
Floors & Walls – Boracic Man
Frau Pouch – Mittens
Furry Love Lickers – Hollow
Houdini – When I Kill in My Sleep
Jouis – Who Shot The Monkey?
Niltones – Circadian Rhythm
Petburger – The Chase
Pity Party – Behold The Ravages Of Age
Rokoko – My Fellow Swordsman
Rupert Eagleowl – Rupert’s Big Entrance / EagleOwl Is Performing
Suzi Chunk – Tripwire
The Baron Von Marlon – Brighton to Byron Bay
The Boot Lagoon – An Odd Owl
The Lovespuds – Some song Fizzer has on his iPod!
The Sans Pareil – Vanishing Point
The Singing Loins – Song For The Underdog
UpCDownC – Scott Jason Smith
Ye Wiles – Leisurewear

Photos © Marf Salvador, All Rights Reserved

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