August 18th featuring Punching Swans

Punching Swans

We were lucky enough to be joined by Greg and Pablo from Punching Swans and they played an acoustic version of Beach Party from their new Album Mollusc.

Marf was back from his tour of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He wasn’t playing there he just hangs around dealing one liners.

Fizzer spoke (illegally) about his attendance earlier that day of a Speed Awareness Course. He’s a changed man.

No Live show next week as its Bank Holiday but then we will be back with a whole new show…………

K. x


July 14th featuring ……


We had no guest tonight (except Anne-Marie from The Rochester Film Society who is more like a small part of the show now) So Fizzer renamed Marf to Moth.

Weirdly the picture we are using for this blog is the result of FizZer Googling “sexy Moth”. Obviously a moth shouldn’t be sexy but people will romanticise and”sex up” the most mundane and unsexy things these days and draw pictures of it just look at Eric Pickles. images

Next week we have a Homespun special so look out!!!



July 7th Featuring One Day Elliott



On this show we were joined by Paul, Crooks and Dan from One Day Elliott to talk about their 15 years of being one of Kents top Bands and their latest album.


Fizzer was a little more restrained following his suspension and only offended everyone.

Oh and thats Marf on the left, he’s not in One Day Elliott, he’s too busy in Fizzer.

Its a short blog this week as Fizzer has lost his shadow and has been busy trying to find it.


June 23rd featuring Anthony Martin and Balance Lost!




Now this was a busy show.

Firstly we began our Medway based stress related pun game. The listeners excelled themselves as usual!

Anthony joined us to talk about herofest 2014 until I accidentally insulted everyone in a wheelchair!

Balance Lost then joined us for a chat about their new EP. We love them and you should too. You can buy the EP for only £1!!!!

Anne-Marie from the Rochester Film Society joined us one more and during the fun we revealed Rule Number 2 of Fizzers Radio Shows guide to selecting a film to watch – #2 Do not watch a film with Jennifer Anniston in.

Unfortunately we lost the last 10 or so minutes of the recording but fear not, all the offensive stuff is at the beginning!






June 16th 2014 featuring The Objectors



On this show we were joined by the plentiful sound of The Objectors WOW!! Big bold brass and funky.

I don’t do reviews but if I had to describe them it would be like a warm milk being poured over some angry bread.

The pun game was religion based and therefore not as popular as the previous weeks football fest! Who’d a knew?

The Rochester Film Society’s Anne-Marie was once again subjected to my description of a film and this week I was a little more naughty than usual…



June 9th 2014 featuring TONE festival



The show kicked off with the sad news that Chris had, for personal reasons, well I say personal reasons had left the show. The truth was though that he has been found keeping a family of illegal guppies under his famed moustache.

WE were joined by TONE festival organisers who waxed lyrical about the upcoming art and sound event. Go to the website for all the information.

The Medway based pun game centred on Football ahead of the world cup and the listeners were on fire!!! Old Ash Tree Cole, Strood Guillet and Troy Keane Town amongst some of the best! 

Anne-Marie from The Rochester Film Society joined us once more to all about the weeks films and guess my description of a film which included running street battles between The Gay and Bisexual Transgender gangs in the past. Honest its a real film. snigger

all the best Fizzer!


June 2nd 2014 with Luna Lacuna



June 2nd saw a return of live bands to the show as well as the first weekly appearance from The Rochester Film Society.

The show began with some gentle UKIP prodding which began a lively Medway based pun game centred around racism. Some of our favours from listeners were : That Massive BNPreavement (local band That Massive Bereavement), British National PityParty (Pity Party) and the clear favourite based on local band Frau Pouch was (honestly listener Robert you surpassed yourself) Nigel Farau Pouch.


We played the world cup song by Alphabetamax of which Marf is a member.

Its brilliant!

Late in the show we were joined by Anne-Marie from The Rochester Film Society to talk about the weeks upcoming films. To test her knowledge I described, quite clearly, a film using key plot points for her to guess. She failed! Have a listen and see if you can get it!

And the highlight of the show was the interview and live performance from Luna Lacuna. Its hard to describe LL as they are very unique. Their music is varied and lyrically punctuated. The recording probably doesn’t do the band justice (we think the mixer is on its way out). Luna Lacuna (meaning moon hole) are clearly looking at us from another world, i’m not sure which world but I’d like to think its the one that Rumplestiltskin lives in.